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Create a Lessons Learned Section - should be setup/function like "issues" does


Level 5


I'm very surprised this does not exist. A text book item for project management is Lessons Learned. Sure we all have doc templates to capture but the purpose of this tool for us is to not have things in various documents. The build/function should be the same as "Issues". This will allow the PMs or resources assigned to document lessons learned throughout the project in a simple way and can be reported on at the end.



Level 4


We use Issues with Custom Forms for this. First, create a Custom Form with the fields you want. Then, create a Queue Topic called "Lesson Learned" by going to the Project or Project Template > Queue setup > Queue topic and add the Custom Form you created to this.

Users can then record lessons learned by going to the Issues area within the Project, adding a New Issue and selecting the Topic Group you created.


Level 7


I agree, this should be a separate module of some kind where lessons learned can be logged. Unfortunately, using the Issue object as a workaround backfires when the PM tries to close the project as they remain open. My only suggestion to the user is to move all open lessons learned to its own project where they can remain for eternity but not an elegant solution.