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Commenting Beta Concerns


Level 3


Currently, users who have the new Commenting Beta enabled can’t see comments made by users without the Commenting Beta enabled when accessing comments from an email notification. They can only see these comments after refreshing the page by accessing a different tab and returning to Updates. Per Adobe support, this is functioning as intended. However, it is not an ideal user experience. We would like users to be able to see all comments, regardless of whether they have the Commenting Beta enabled or not.


Further, our team was told that once the new Commenting feature is enabled for everyone, updates made prior to the feature enablement will no longer be visible. It is essential for our users to have access to all previous comments/updates, as we rely on the updates stream for record keeping. Losing access to these comments/updates would cause us to lose critical information associated with projects and issues. We would like all previous comments/updates to remain visible in the Comments stream after the new feature is enabled, regardless of whether the comment was made with the Commenting Beta feature enabled or not.   



Level 8


Agree with your second paragraph callout. The updates feed is essential for our team to see what took place on a project/campaign from the past. If we were to lose these updates, this would be an issue for our team as we rely on users placing comments here (rather than email and teams) to keep everything centralized and tied to the brief to retain the history of what happened.


Level 2


Are you able to put the option back in to update the status of a project when you submit an update to those assigned to the project? My workflow is to create an update, tagging all of those involved in a new project, mark it current within the update field and then hit Submit. I no longer see that option when commenting beta is turned on (unless I'm missing it).




Hi All,

Apologies for not noticing this thread sooner. I would like to resolve some of the concerns raised above.

  • Data migration: All the regular comments will be available in the new commenting stream. Only the comments made on the system updates won't be migrated, but if you have critical data there, please do let us know.
  • Users are not able to see comments made by other users when navigating from an email. @jenv3 is that still a problem? If yes, that is not the intended way of work, please send me the support ticket so that we can have a closer look at what's going on.

As for the status update @BrendaDB , the status update field is available from the project header, so in order to keep the commenting for commenting purposes only and to remove duplicate actions, we decided to deprecate that functionality.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions/concerns.