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[CLOSED] - Ability to put document attachment object in other areas of the custom form (not just in the default fields at the top)


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This post has been closed as a duplicate. All votes have been moved to the original: Further customization for default fields in Queue Setup

Currently the document attachment can only display at the top of the custom form. However, we have an involved form that requires the user to attach a document. So, two issues arise - the document attachment isn't required, and it isn't in the place in the form that indicates the document attachment so it's often missed. Thanks!



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Yep, this is bad UX to have a Document object at the top, as most users will not bother to scroll down in order to complete the form


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This is the post I've been looking for to upvote.

I would ask for flexibility not only in where the upload button is placed, but also being able to place custom fields at the very top, even above the Subject field. We use descriptive text fields to provide request instructions, and it's very backwards to have the instructions after the Subject field and Upload button.

Ability to place custom fields above the Document Upload could also potentially allow display logic to be used on that field. E.g. only display the upload button if certain rules are met.