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Calendar Reports


Level 3


I would love to have an option to create a calendar report with global filters across multiple projects. Its time consuming to go into each project and add the same filter.



Level 4


Good idea, John! The problem with calendars is that you have to basically create a filter for each thing each time. You can't copy and can't apply anything existing so it is cumbersome to set up. SInce it's such a nice view it's a shame we can't use it more but it takes too long to set up and maintain.


Level 2


I am not sure if this is the same issue I am encountering but I will add my notes here. I created a calendar so that one of my users can see all his tasks and the duration of the task in a calendar view. I would like to be able to color code each project. At the current time, I would have to manually add each project and designate a color to that project. Currently, the report is set up to show "all tasks assigned to Brian" but it is not great since they are all the same color.


Level 1


Hi all

I would definitley agree. The Calendar View is absolutley genious if it would allow to set filter rather then invidual calendar. So if I have a Program there different project owned by different poeple. The same is true for tasks. so instead of setting up calendar for each cumulatiive filter criteria I would like to be able to ad this filter criteria to the side. Depending on which filter criteria I choose the calendar will only show the projects or tasks for which these filter apply.

Is that what you are all looking for?