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Better notification when someone on PTO


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When in the Tasks tab and your assigning a task to someone, if that user has PTO recorded in Workfront during the timeframe of that task, the only thing that displays is a yellow triangle next to the persons name that you have to hover your cursor over to read the message that the user is away during that timeframe. Can there be a pop-up instead as no one will read this message?



Curious why this is marked as "not planned" while a similar post is "prioritized" here: https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0874X000000sYOuQAM/detail

I'll add the same comment here for fun :)

Just a week after the 22.3 release and our users are happy to see the new options for work delegation. However, they're still asking for some way to notify or call attention to users being out-of-office. As others have said, this is most critical in directed updates.

The current workaround is far less than ideal: after wondering why you haven't received a reply in Workfront, you switch applications and find an OOO reply. It's hard to explain why this is necessary, especially when we're highlighting the benefits of integrations with MS Outlook, SharePoint and Teams.




Thank you for the submission! Workfront has added a notification for when the user is out of the office which appears as a warning when trying to assign the user. There are no current plans on the roadmap to further update that behavior.

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