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Automatically tagging everyone on the project in the updates


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We're having huge challenges with our users not tagging people in their comments in updates.

When you go to post an update in a project, could it automatically tag everyone with access to the project and give you the ability to opt people out? This would be instead of putting it on the user to remember to tag the specific people on the project they need to notify. That would alleviate users posting updates with no tagging and no one getting notified of the update.



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I agree. The tagging in Updates is extremely archaic.

Updates should not be allowed to be submitted until someone has been tagged - either an individual or all members of a project.


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This is a common ask with our users as well. Is there a way to prevent the an Update from being posted unless they tag someone?



It would be great if there was a way to tag the team that is assigned on a project. As a project manager, I often want to let everyone know on big changes. I have to manually tag a lot of people each time.


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It would be great if there were an "@project" tag that auto-tagged the people assigned to the project and you could remove those you don't want to include. Rather than having to remember every time or guess what their name is in WF


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We have a lot of demand for this feature - seems like it could pull from the "People" list on the project. Please advise if this is on any roadmap!!


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This feature is already built into Workfront, but often overlooked because it's not accessible from the Updates section. 

If you visit the People section of your project, it is possible to post a project update with the entire project team "pre-tagged" in the notify list. The main limitation is that this area doesn't support rich text or image uploads. 

If you are a Fusion customer, I have a scenario that listens for updates with "@here" in the body. It then replies to the update with the entire project team tagged so they can receive an email notification about the update.  





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Commenting definitely needs a different tagging and notification method. I'm sure my company isn't using Workfront efficiently yet but right now I am constantly being assigned tasks with zero details. The only people noted in the tasks are the assignee(s). It is frustrating to backtrack through predecessors and other tasks to find who is involved with a project or even who created a task. It is extremely common for me to post a comment with a question about a project or task but I have no visibility of who is involved in the project.


  • Why is there not a feature like Jira's "watchers" where a whole relevant group can be notified when a comment is not tagged individually?
  • Why is the default - and what is the point - for a comment to have no tagging or notification at all?
  • Why do I have to find outside of the current task or remember who is involved in the project and then need to tag them all individually?


Like others have said:

  • There should be an "@project" or "@task" tag.
  • There should be a list of all users involved in the task or project to select those to notify.
  • There should also be "select all" and "select none" options in that list.


Right now, Workfront is greatly hurting our already poor communication and I'm working more towards getting my company to cancel the product instead of trying to get Workfront to be useful.


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It's pretty insane that this is still an issue. If I was the Workfront product team, I'd add this to the top of my features list. There should be an option to notify whatever user/team that is assigned to a request to receive notifications about ANY activity on that request (without having to manually subscribe to each request), be it updates, form changes, etc.  We're getting so many complaints from users because they are commenting on updates, but aren't hearing back because no one is getting notified.  Is assigning someone to manually monitor each requests every day really the only way?  


Level 1


This feature should totally be added. Think of all the other systems we use where we can tag @Team or @channel @ group, etc. 

Tags should be more dynamic and impactful.