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Automatic Recurring Task Creation


Level 2


Description - 

1 - Ability to have a recurring task automatically created on a specified schedule.

Examples: A new recurring task is created each week, twice a week on specific days, once a month, etc. 


2 -   Ability to have a recurring task automatically created once you complete the previous recurring task.

Example: Configure a recurring weekly or Monthly task. When you complete the first task, then another task is automatically created for the next week or month based on specified configurations (Duration, Planned Hours, Naming, Etc.)  


Why is this feature important to you -

When creating recurring tasks for an entire year or quarter having a list of dozens to hundreds tasks are overwhelming. We could apply filters to show only Can Start tasks or tasks due within a specified timeframe or have custom reports. However, it is inconvenient to have to switch between task filters between projects.  


Current State -

When creating recurring tasks, you only have the option to create all of the recurring tasks at once.