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Assign schedule per user/team/group


Level 4


Description - We have projects where assignee's are in multiple geo-locations. They each have their own location-specific schedules and customized holidays. Projects are the only place to set the schedule to use to calculate timeline, but it does not allow for this situation where assignees are spread out globally. This could be handled by allowing individual user profiles, teams, and groups to be assigned a default schedule. This schedule priority would be as follows from highest to lowest: user, team, group, project, default schedule


Why is this feature important to you - To support accurate task timeline calculation, schedules should be set at different levels of granularity.


How would you like the feature to work - Add option to specify a schedule at the individual resource level, on a team, and on a group. The order of precedence from highest to lowest would be user, team, group, project, default schedule


Current Behaviour - Only a project can have a schedule assigned. This assumes all resources are using the same schedule, which is not true for a global workforce.