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Approve or Bulk Edit Hours from a Report


Community Advisor


Description - Allow hours to be approved from an Hours report


Why is this feature important to you - Ease of use, Efficiency, and Adoption.

Project managers are required to go into each of their projects separately to approve hours so those hours can be included on a billing record. Each project manager can have a huge number of active projects at any one time. We've created a report showing all their projects that contain unapproved hours, but they still have to click into each of those projects separately. Once in the project, they can approve all hours. But if they could approve the hours directly from the report it would save them a lot of time.


How would you like the feature to work - From an hours report users should either:

  • have the same approve/reject buttons that are available on the hours page within a project 
  • have the ability to bulk edit and change the status of the hour entry (currently when bulk editing from the Hours report, status is not one of the fields that can be edited)


Current Behaviour - Each project manager must click into every... single... project... they own to approve hours.