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Approval Process | Enhanced Reporting


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Description -

For projects that include an approval process, there  is no way to create a report that groups projects by the approval stage they currently reside in (stage 1,2,3...etc) or by the user/team assigned as an approver.


My users need to have clear visibility only on the projects they need to action/approve.  Right now, they only see that on their home page via the "Awaiting my approval" widget- which is not efficient.


As someone who intends to leverage the approval process feature in projects, there needs to be a way to create refined reports that can pull the specific data that we need.


Why is this feature important to you -  Needed for enhanced reporting

How would you like the feature to work - As described above

Current Behaviour - Under the current setup, a report can be created to pull all projects that are "Pending Approval" with a column "Approvers & Status" that shows the approval stage and which team needs to action it.  However there is no way to sort or group projects by approval stages or assigned approvers.