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An ability to deactivate Queue Topics


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There are legacy queue topics that should no longer be used but deleting them results in a loss of historical data from already-submitted requests.

The ability to deactivate queue topics will allow to toggle them off so that they no longer appear in the lists when submitting new requests to the same queue but will still preserve the queue topic data on the old requests.



Level 9


unless i am reading it incorrectly -- this toggle would also allow that queue route to be turned off while being tested. And quickly turned on for go live.

Not to mention - reducing human error while trying to recreate the route at a later date.


Level 8


This is exactly the issue that we're running into right now. We're having users submit updates to their Strategic Plan items on a quarterly basis through Workfront. We're trying to only expose one quarter at a time (so a total of 2 queue topics at a time). Currently we can only delete queue topics, which means that everything that has been entered for Q2 will be deleted when we expose the Q3 queue topics. This also effects our reporting as we have a lot of reports (which are sent to our Executive Team as well as our Board of Trustees) as we are filtering by Queue topic to pull in the right data for the right quarter.

The only work around I have for it right now is to create a new request queue every quarter so that we don't lose the historical data but this means sharing a new queue with our users every quarter which will be confusing for them.


Level 3


@Mohini Sinha,

Here's a potential solution for your use case. You could set up a separate project each quarter, but still keep one original request queue project. Then use the routing function to route the requests from the request project to the quarterly project. In this way, the request project becomes a "front door" that passes the requests through to the quarterly project. I think if you copy the original for the quarterly, the queue structure will copy with it. We've done that here for our Finance folks - based on the topic selected, it routes to the appropriate finance team and that team only needs to worry about their project. If you would like to discuss this, please give me a call at 801-240-1239 (Mountain time zone)


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My workaround for reporting has been to create a calculated field that says "if blank, fill with the current Queue Topic:name" which I can then run reports on even if the queue topic ID eventually goes away. Not elegant, but it works. I'd much rather have a disable option so I can turn the IDs on and off on a whim but still report on them.