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Allow for Criteria to be Set at the Dashboard Level


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This would be immensely useful as it would prevent us from having to create multiple reports for various teams and groups. While we can set the individual reports to filter for a given team or group based on the users team or group, executives and project managers who span teams and groups cannot take advantage of this.

This would seem to be an easy implementation as projects and portfolios act in this manner already.



Level 10


Yes I have two use cases for this currently:

Project Status Summary Dashboard. Currently, we have the dashboard built and available as a custom tab within the Project, but our executive team doesn't necessarily live and breath Workfront like the rest of us, so asking them to login to workfront, navigate to the project, then find the custom tab in order to see the Project Status Summary isn't realistic. I'd like to create a dashboard that can be ran with a Project Name prompt so that I can then email the dashboard to anyone who needs it (Currently you can't email a dashboard from a project, so I'd have to create a dashboard full of hard coded reports for each project in order to email).

Daily Stand Up Dashboard. I have a dashboard to reflect yesterdays work, and today's works hard coded to reflect a filter for their direct reports; however, there are other team types that could be having daily stand ups: Project Teams, Workfront Teams, Groups, Etc. It would be nice to be able to reuse this same stand up dashboard without having to rebuild for every team type.


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We would like to have the ability to enable the configuration of prompts at the dashboard level so users don't have to run a prompt for each report. A user will navigate into a dashboard and use the 'dashboard prompt' to select the information they want to see displayed for all the reports in that dashboard. For example, if you select a region (let say North America) in your dashboard prompt, then all the reports would display the information for North America.


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Yes. Would be huge. I have a dashboard with 4 reports with identical date prompts. Cannot tell you how irritated the team is everytime they launch it.


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Agreed that would be useful. I have a dashboard with four reports where we want to be able to select the persons name once and have that applied to all the reports on the dashboard.


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Yes please for this, we also have multiple reports on a single dashboard, all needing to be run against a single project ref


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This would be of great help. We are trying to get consistency on our project and issues tracking cross projects. The only way to do this now (without the annoyance of multiple prompts) is to clone the report and dashboard which is a terrible solution. I see this is under consideration. How long does it normally take (this is a year old) to get a decision on moving forward?


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Hey, all,

This is in line with our priorities to improve reporting and dashboards. The specifics of how and when this item may be addressed is still under review. We'll update here once we have more clarity on the timeline.



Product Manager