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Allow expressions to be used with the Updates Collections


Level 6


There is an abundance of issue/task/project data available in the 'Updates Collections'. Currently, the data in these collections can only be displayed, as is. The Updates Collection data can not be manipulated with expressions (eg: specifying an expression to retrieve only a specific update type), as with other Collections. This was confirmed with Technical Support.

It would be very helpful to be able to use expressions with the Updates collection, to aid in reporting.




Level 10


Agreed. My users are asking for a report that has a list of tasks and then the history of updates on each of those selected tasks. This helps them see how key items have progressed over time.

Currently, pulling updates for those tasks shows all updates, including when I set the status to [0], for example. From their perspective, this is just noise and clutters the report.

The ability to choose what "kind" of updates we want would be great. E.g. only show my condition update comments.


Level 1


We would love the ability to do a couple of things in a Task report using the Updates collection:

(1) Only display updates with updateType='note' so that we can display only user posted updates

(2) Use value expressions like valueexpression=CONCAT({message},' by ',{enteredByName}, ' on ', {entryDate})

This would encourage users to keep their task status updated since it would provide visibility to others via reports.