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Administrator should not be the account default



When I create a new user and click "Show Advanced Options" the default Access Level given to the new user is System Administrator.

This seems unnecessarily dangerous, why wouldn't the default user role be the most restricted instead of the least?



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Richard, I totally agree. I logged in just to add this.

I also don't like that it populates my group by default. Most of the users I add are end-users who don't need a lot of access. So defaulting new users to system admins in the PMO group is not helpful. I liked how it was before where nothing pre-populated in those fields


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Couldn't agree more. It should not have a default setting to match the logged in user. I even struggle with it matching the home group.

Both of those features should be "turned off" when creating a new user.

In case anyone reading this is not familiar, when you chose to add a new user following this path:

People > People > New Person > Show Advanced Options

The system defaults the access level to be the same as the logged in user. This means it could default for anyone that you have set with a plan license that can manage users as well as the system admin. That's problematic.