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Additional Descriptive Fields for Custom Forms and Fields.



In order to create a true data dictionary in Workfront for Custom Fields and Forms we need a few more columns available to us.  Currently we are bound to using the Description or Instructions fields to hold our history, calculations etc...  The weight of the world is on the name and description fields and it becomes unruly for a user to try and decipher what is happening with the field.  Due to this limitation we have to keep our Data Dictionary outside of Workfront which has a host of challenges.


We would like to be able to add fields as needed to describe the custom field.  Out of the box we have a need for the following:

 - Historical Changes - would be amazing if it was written for us but I will take a blank text field we can add data too.

 - Field Calculation - we currently have to put this in the description field along with our history

 - Audit Type

 - A place to designate if it is an integration field.

 - Business Owner field

 - Business Justification field

 - etc...  


As a large enterprise user with over 2000 custom fields it is a daunting challenge to keep up with all of the fields and what their purpose is.  Leveraging the current base fields is a starting point but it's not enough to be scaleable. 



Level 1


A descriptive flexfield appears on a form as a single-character, unnamed field enclosed in brackets. Just like in a key flexfield, a pop-up window appears when you move your cursor into a customized descriptive flexfield. And like a key flexfield, the pop-up window has as many fields as your organization needs.