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Add Default Planned Hours to Queue Details of projects


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Description - A user should be able to set the the default number of hours that a request will take IN ADDITION to the Default Duration that can be set. Currently, if hours are used to describe the Default Duration, the Request will have a start and end date/time based on those hours. However, Requests should be defined by both the Planned Hours set (e.g. 2-3 hours of working time) as well as the total Duration of the Request (e.g. 3 days). If a user chooses 3 days as the Default Duration, the system assumes that the assignee will allocate 24 hours of working time to complete the Request. If a user chooses 2 hours as the Default Duration, the system assumes that the assignee will be done with the Request in 2 hours time. The system should account for both forms of timing.  

Why is this feature important to you - As Requests are made, the incorrect Planned Hours based on 3 days of duration are assigned to the working team member. These hours, while not accurate, often spike their capacity for the 3 days they are working on the Request. It requires additional management of the Request to update the Planned Hours and this can often be overlooked. 

How would you like the feature to work - An additional field called Default Planned Hours would pre-set the expected hours needed to complete the Request within the timeframe set by the Default Duration. Alternatively, if there was an option to convert a Request to a Task using a Task Template (currently, only Project Templates exist), a user could select a template that has both Planned Hours and Duration preset.