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Add a timer


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Add a timer to Timesheets that helps to manually track time spent on a task.



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I agree we need something integrated with Workfront our system admin will not allow third party downloads like the app store has.


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At our organization, it's very common to work on multiple projects a day, for minutes at a time. It would help to have the option to track time in minutes to get an exact figure of how much time is being spent on each project or task.


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How about the ability to switch time reporting on areas where time can be reported (on the time sheet, log hours function, and all other hour reporting areas) to toggle between hours and minutes. You'll probably want to look into how your reports can report the minutes as well (not sure if there's a way to do that now).

My current workaround to report in minutes is to simply keep a sheet handy which displays the values

15 minutes = .25

10 minutes = ~ .13

5 minutes = ~ .066

and so on.


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It would be very helpful if there was an option to track time in hours/minutes like you do in the Workfront app. Some of my users are beginning to track their time for the first time ever and it's going to be discouraging for them to track in hours/minutes in the app and fractions of an hour in the browser.

Tracking in hours and minutes in both would establish a consistent process and increase ease of adoption with new users.


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This is a key capability that we have considered adding to Workfront which will enable our customers to track time with limited effort. While this is a capability that we have on our roadmap, unfortunately, this will not be delivered within the next 12 months. Please continue monitoring and sharing your use-cases on this post and we will ensure we reach out to you when we begin implementation of this feature.

Chris Low


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This is really needed. The CEO said that Austin Done Right that it would be considered as he hears it requested frequently. Please reconsider not planned status.


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LOVE this idea! Having a "timer" that you can stop and start again as you work and get pulled away from your work would be an incredible benefit to our organization.