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Ability to share request queue with more than one group


Level 4


I find the sharing functionality of request queues very limiting. We want the ability to specify more than one group that we want to have access to the queue rather than just the one the project is tied to. The current 4 choices for who can add requests to this queue do not fit this criteria and here's why:

Anyone - this is okay if you're the only group using the tool. However, if your tool is at an enterprise level, then the list of request queues are too much.

People with view access to this project - we don't want to give our clients access to our projects. They are the main group submitting requests.

People in this project's company - We have requestors across multiple companies.

People in this project's group - one group is not enough




Level 9


A workaround to this is to make a group like "Request Queue Access" and add all of your Groups that you want to have access to the Request queue to that Group. I believe you can add as many as you want. Then just give the "Request Queue Access" group access to the project.