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Ability to report on Name fields instead of ID and chart this


Level 4


Currently you can only add certain fields to reports with ID against them instead of Name, which results in a string of text.

Whilst you can fix this in text mode in most situations, this doesn't always work for groupings based on the ID field where you want Name instead.

Any manual fix also breaks the accompanied chart:




Level 6



I can't think of many use cases where a report end-user would need to see the 32-character ID string in reports (ex. 5910ea3c022fa9015c9be495678d2b5c). Our use case would be to see the item in plain text (ex. For reports, it helps to see fields like Owner Name (or Home Group Name, Company Name, etc).

Currently, often the only way to show the Name is to go to Text Mode and code it in. And sometimes that doesn't work. I recommend that this be available from the field name pick-list, without needing to go to Text Mode.


Level 2


Suprised not to see this idea with more likes. Even with some workarounds available within text mode this is still seen as a need for users.