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Ability to quickly navigate to project level documents from task, for assignees who only have task access


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We have several users who assign document approval tasks to individual approvers, approvers who often aren't familiar with Workfront. When those approvers are notified via email that a document requires their approval the notification link will take them to the task they are assigned, but when the document lives at the project level those approvers get lost trying to navigate WF and sometimes won't even have access to the higher level project itself.

We propose finding a solution that allows approvers assigned to a task to have quick/easy access to project level documents (either through the initial notification itself, or via the task they are assigned) without giving them full access to the rest of the project, and without requiring a complicated click path.

Current impact report on this Issue over the past year:

23 Groups affected

~3,000 users affected

~16,000 projects affected

266 hours annually of impact (approves clicking around lost, or seeking help/additional access as a result of this issue)