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Ability to Easily Reassign Resources


Level 10


With business needs, work needs to be redistributed from one resource to another. Between the Team Working On Calendar and the Swap tool (or Actions in the staffing tab, with new option to turn off role restriction), we are very close. Just want to tweak the job role restriction.

  • Currently, the PM has to go through the tasks manually to update Jr. Copywriter to Sr. Copywriter. Can’t bulk edit because the hours are different on each task. So they’ve been just adding Jr. Copywriter to the new person but that messes up billing and cost once actuals are on the project.
  • Solution Idea: It would be great to swap a user for any other user in the system but then a pop-up box comes up and lets you know they have a different job role. PM/RM can then decide if the user AND the role change on those tasks or if they need to find someone with the same role.
    • Example: Bob is junior copywriter. He is out on paternity leave and we need to move his project over to Sally. The PM gets a pop-up that says that Sally is a Senior Copywriter, do they want to swap Bob for Sally and move all the planned hours to a Senior Copywriter or do they want to cancel and find someone who is a junior copywriter?



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I'd also like to add the option to let Sally be assigned the task but the role stays Jr. Copywriter just for this task/project.




Hi everyone,

Great news! This is something we will address as part of an ongoing effort to deprecate Resource Scheduling solution. Please follow this idea and our roadmap calls for future updates!


Level 9


I'd also like to be able to add a filter to pull an entire program of work into SWAP the resources and not have to select individual projects.


Level 2


I'd like to see some of the Scheduler functionality like drag and drop. Also the ability bulk collapse all in the resource view.