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Ability to bulk change the owner of calendar or report after Admin leaves


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It would be nice to have the ability to bulk change the owner of a report or calendar instead of having to make a copy so it will rename who owns it. We just had our main system admin leave who set up the system years ago and having a bulk feature to remove her name and add another Admin would be so beneficial.




Yes, this is really important. We have a lot of reports and calendars created by the admin and run with access rights of a particular admin. It's a total pain if that admin leaves.


Level 2


At least be able to keep a calendar active after the original owner is deactivated. I recently had to copy multiple calendars and then search all our dashboards to find where I needed to update the calendars.


Level 4


The way this works is kind of, if you'll pardon the expression, crazy-making. I've read the suggested workarounds to have a generic sysadmin account to be the owner of calendars and then have multiple actual admins use that account to do certain things, but that is terrible from a governance and auditability perspective, not to mention actual security. And having to use up an additional paid account adds injury to insult for sure!

When someone who actually owns a calendar in real life leaves, Workfront should allow a system administrator to change the Owner of that calendar. Workfront is such a great system overall, it would be wonderful if you could address this gap!