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Update planned completion time


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I am tasked with updating the planned completion time of a certain task to 6:00. To do this you must update the planned completion time of the project to later than that if it is earlier, so I am updating the time to 6:01. I tested this 11 times in a row and only 1 of them failed to update the time. I also tested this 50 times in a row with a 5 second sleep in-between project creation and updating and 4 failed to update the time. Does anyone know why this would be happening? The fails are happening when an issue is being converted to a project template that contains 1 task that needs its time to be changed. Here are some screenshots of the failed execution


Before Update:



After Update:



This module below is after a 10 second sleep module which then rereads the planned completion date of the project. The task time is not updated because the project time is before the completion date of the task. I am setting the task constraint to MFO and that is being updated by the scenario which is why I am so confused.



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