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Scenario is not triggering when PROJECT State specified in webhook have State specified as NEW.


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Hello folks, 
My team is relatively new to FUSION. 
We've created a new scenario and are attempting to have it 'IMMEDIATELY' triggered we've specified in the associated WEBHOOK.
However, for some 'unknown' reason our new scenario is not triggering which as we understand it means that not all of the 'criteria' we've specified for the scenario's webhook is being met. 
We've attempted to also run it manually, however, it merely 'spins' as it's looking for items which 'match' the webhook's triggering criteria (which I'm including below).
Only the 'status' part of the below statement is specific to the project(s) status which we've defined which associated project(s) would have to meet.  We've doublechecked the new status of 'Run Tasks Exclusion' which we've verified is spelled 'exactly' the same as the new status value we've setup in our Workfront Sandbox01 instance.

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions/thoughts anyone familiar with FUSION might have an be willing to provide.

Thanks very much !    Best Regards, -Scott Davis- (scott_davis@vanguard.com)

--------------- WEBHOOK Criteria listed below------------
Record type: Project
State: New state
Status EQUAL Run Tasks Exclusion
AND connection user updates excluded
Record Origin: Updated Record Only

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Hi @Scott 


For the Status use the Status Code (three characters like INP for In Progress) not the label and you should be good as long as you are using a different user than what is in your environment. If you are unsure of what your STATUS Code is you should be able to find in Workfront Setup OR  you could run a simple Search module on your issues or even just a Read module with an ID specified where the status matched.  


Hope that helps!