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Renaming Workfront Projects


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Hello all,
I'm relatively new to Fusion and I'm looking to create a scenario to automate our project naming with the project reference number, 2 digit year and the existing project name.
Example: "123456-24 Project Name" 

Couple of speed bumps to consider.
For existing projects: I would like this to update any existing names accordingly. However, some projects already have this naming convention applied so anything already containing it would need to be ignored so not to have repeated info.

For new projects, I'd want this naming to be applied when an issue from one of our many request queues gets converted to a project. Is there a way to look across all request queues or on creation of any project?


Also, the issue name does not always convert over to the project name so it would need to be the Project name and not the Resolving Issue name.

Remember, I'm completely new to Fusion so talk to me like I'm 5 so I can understand, I won't be offended! ☺️

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Hello nskid,


Existing projects


Here I would play around using the Search record module to find the perfect filter for all projects you want to rename. With help of the  API reference, you can find all field names you will need for the renaming step.


For new project you could simply set up a scenario using the Watch events module, which monitors any projects newly created (Record Origin: new records only).










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Thanks for the suggestion @lgaertner.
I'm having trouble with the projects that already have the naming correct. It's wanting to double it up which is not the outcome I'm looking for. Any suggestion on how to setup a filter to bypass these projects?


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you need to filter out the correctly named projects. I would use a search module to get all projects, followed by a switch module, which allows you to use regular expressions.


For a string in your format (123456-24 Project Name) this could be:

\b\d{6}-\d{2} [A-Za-z0-9\s]+\b