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Pull Project Template ID from Project Template Name on an Issue


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Hi. I'm somewhat new to Fusion and I'm trying to convert a project using a project template that is specified as a type ahead custom field on an Issue. When I pull the output bundle with the DE: Project Template it gives me the bundle content below.


"DE:Project Template": "{\"objCode\":\"TMPL\",\"name\":\"CORP Design Only - General\",\"ID\":\"64136e0100034a1259ce7cd9da4c0f35\"}",


 How do I grab the project template ID from the coding above so that I can use it as my Template ID when I go to convert the project? 


I was thinking that I could use Set Variable using the Get/Split functions, but I'm not sure how to set up the formula to only pull the Template ID. 

{{get(split(2.`DE:Project Template`; ? ); ?)}}

Can anyone help?

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The easiest way is to run the string from the typeahead field in a parse JSON module, which will convert the string to variables you can use.


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Wow, that was easy. I had never worked with a JSON module. Thank you so much!!