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How to add revenue amount of billable hours to Billing Record with Fusion


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Hello  Fusion Community,

I'm trying to build a (what I thought very simple) scenario that creates Billing Records and then also adds the revenue of all billable hours on this project not in status “billed”.

The creation of the Billing Records works fine, however I don’t seem to use the correct module or set-up for adding the revenue of billable hours to it.

I have tried to directly map the amount to the module that creates the Billing Record and was also trying to use “Update Record” to add the amount of the billable hours, none did work since it is obviously not set up correctly.


Is there a value field, that reflects the revenue of the hours not in status “billed, similar to e. g. billedRevenue that I could map directly? Whatever I try to insert, the amount always shows 0 EUR.


In the test project shown below the revenue amount I need to add to the Billing Record would be 4875 EUR.


Can anyone help me to find the right way to add the revenue amount?

Thank you very much in advance!

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To read it back and make sure I am answering the appropriate question, in summary, you are trying to add all hours on a project not already billed to a billing record? If so, then...

  1. Create a Workfront search on the HOURS object, where projectID is your target project and billingRecordID does not exist
  2. Put the result from the search in one (1) into a map function, such that map({search collection from 1};ID)
  3. Create the billing record, including this parameter "hours": {the result from two (2)}