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Fusion Webhooks


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Is it possible to query for one or another queueTopic in a Event Trigger WebHook? I know there is no or statement in the filter drop down but on the filter line after the "equals" statement, you can insert an "or" between the 2 queueTopic IDs.


Has anyone had any success getting this to work? We are looking for this function in the WebHook filter and not in the filter after the WebHook module.



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That wouldn't work. The ability for Workfront to have OR statements in webhooks is fairly recent (like within 2-3 months) and unfortunately that functionality hasn't been added into Fusion's webhook builder. Instead of using the native Workfront webhook, you could use a custom webhook, and then create your own webhook in workfront manually and either specify your two or statements, or just create two seperate webhooks, and point them at your custom fusion webhook address.