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GoogleSheets connector and "Failed to load data! The request failed due to failure of a previous request."


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Hi - I'm trying to set up and use a connection to Googlesheets to enable a few automation use cases. However, although I have a connection set up which will verify and re-authorise successfully in Connections, it won't seem to pull through or update any data when used in a module (instead offering up the Failed to load data!" error ref'd in the title).


Not sure of the cause here. Could it be inadequate permissions for read/write granted to the connector? I believe we followed the set up guide such that it should have the requisite permissions (in connections it shows acquired permissions as view user's email address, google api spreadsheets, Access to Google Drive, openid). Or are there other common/known causes of this error and known fixes I could explore?


Any help gratefully received!

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