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Fusion Validation Steps


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Hello Community,


Is there any way to validate a Fusion module completes it's step before the next module begins processing? I see tools for Break and Commit. Not sure if the commit being attached to a step means that step has to complete before the next step or if it means something else. I am unable to find documentation on the Fusion Tools modules and the ? button in the tool settings does not work.


I essentially have a scenario that attaches a Project template with template tasks already created. Based on the criteria found in my issue, after Project conversion, I have a step that deletes the undesired tasks. This is followed by another module that updates the Project status.


Well depending on the environment or latency, the Project status is updated before the previous step of deleting the specified tasks have completed. We want to make sure the delete step completes before the project status is updated.


We have considered time outs but that will take trial and error because the time it takes to add and delete the template and template tasks differs base on system resources. Hard to get it down to a specific number of seconds without impacting subsequent runs.


Thanks Community, as always!!!

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Just to make sure I'm reading correctly, the process looks like this, correct?

  1. Convert request to project
  2. Attach template to project
  3. Delete unnecessary tasks
  4. Update project status

Is that correct? If so, then...

There's not really a way for Fusion to wait for Workfront's backend to process any updates in it's cache, once Workfront sends a response Fusion proceeds to the next step. One thing you could do is to have Fusion check if the tasks are still present, and if they are wait. Instead of deleting tasks, however, I would use the excludeTemplateTaskIDs function, and not add the tasks, instead, that way you don't need to delete anything.


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@CadAdmin Instead of deleting the tasks, could you use the Misc Action Apply Template and exclude the pertinent tasks? The other thing you can do is add a route at the very bottom that updates the status and if you need more breathing room, add a Sleep module after the delete Tasks, then add a separate route that updates the Project Status. 


I think you will find the Misc Action "attachTemplate" action really useful. It will cut off a lot of time!