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Entered by ID field taking fusion service account id


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We have a fusion scenario where we convert an approved request to project. In the convert request to project module, we have mapped the entered by ID to the original requestor ID, however, when it gets converted to a project, the project automatically takes the fusion service account as entered by ID. Is there a way to show the original requestor in the entered by ID?


Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 8.15.04 PM.png

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Hi @amilinish,


As Designed, the Entered By (and Last Updated By) column(s) reflects the user that "in fact" made the Entry (or Last Update), so to have the Entered By match the Original Requestor, I invite you to consider enhancing your Fusion Job to use a “side connection" that is authenticated as that Original Requestor’s ID to then perform the conversion.





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Thanks for the reply @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore . Can you point to some documentation on how to do that.