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Either fix "helpful" fields (e.g. project ID, category ID, etc.) in Workfront Fusion modules or make it so we can turn the functionality off.


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I know that you're trying to make it "easier" for us by allowing us to search for projects, custom forms, and the like in Fusion. However, the search takes a long time, I rarely get the results I need, and worse--it zaps previously entered information in said fields.


Example: I was working on a user maintenance scenario which had categoryID as one of the fields. I added a field to a module, saved the scenario, and started getting errors that "categoryID cannot be null." 


Well, it wasn't null when I left it last...until I reopened the module and noticed that the categoryID field didn't have a GUID in it. It tried to find the form which I wanted added. But after 15 seconds of it being flaky and not finding the form, I went into Workfront, copied the GUID for the form, and pasted--just like I do for any other field.


I call this the "Clippy Error." It's like when Microsoft thought it would be cute to have a paper clip ask us if we'd like to write a letter--when we're clearly not writing a letter. Adobe thinks it's being useful by offering a buggy search capability for some fields--only to have it mess up things instead.


Now when working on scenarios, I've noticed this occurs any time I either add or remove a field within a Workfront module. It's good that I know that I have to anticipate this now...but I shouldn't need to. This is buggy as all git-out.


I reported this as a bug. However, I was told that these fields were behaving as designed. If that is the case, making information disappear from a module is not in most people's best interest. Ideally, I'd love this "functionality" removed, but if not, I would like the ability to turn it off for our instance of Fusion.


Grumble grumble etc.,


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