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0694X00000AsiYSQAZ.pngCan't get this date to subtract 14 days. Have added and removed extra colons, tried reformatting the date, nothing works. It's probably something simple or right under my nose.

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Hi Howard, I can't really tell from your screenshot. But here is how I would troubleshoot this:

Confirm what is coming out of that particular field without any manipulation by removing the "addDays" completely.

  • based upon what value is, determine whether it is actually a date. If it is really a date ...it would show in a UTC format. You could also hover over the column in the mapper to determine the data type (text or date).

I suspect the data is literally blank or not actually a date. If it is not actually a date, then you'll need to use parseDate to get it to an actual date. Depending on the format you see when you look at the date, itself.