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Much Faster Module Opening - Fusion to refresh Workfront API metadata on-demand instead of always


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Description -  Allow Fusion users to refresh Workfront API metadata on demand, rather than every time a module is opened.  

Why is this feature important to you - Currently every time you click on Workfront modules (or even other connectors), it takes a long time to open because Fusion refreshes the metadata (list of available fields).  This makes it very slow to move from module to module and review or edit the configuration.  It's actually extremely rare that you really need a metadata refresh due to fields being added/changed in Workfront, and so the negative performance trade-off is not worthwhile.

How would you like the feature to work -  It would be much better if there was a 'refresh metadata' button in the scenario, which would cause Fusion to refresh the metadata from the APIs of the used connectors. Even if this was only implemented for Workfront's connector it would be a massive improvement.

Current Behaviour - It refreshes every time you click on a module.


@SamTaylor If I could choose an enhancement in any product in the whole world that would make my life immeasurably better, this would be it! Thank you for any consideration.



David Cornwell

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