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🎬 [VIDEO] June 2023 - [Workfront] Expert Insights - Agile with Natalie Mitchell



We’re back this month with a new Expert Insights interview, this time with advice on the best practices for getting started with Agile in your organization. Join your On-Demand Workfront CSM for an interview with our resident Adobe Workfront Agile expert, Natalie Mitchell (@NatalieM27), and explore the common questions and recommendations for implementing the Agile methodology with your teams. 


Check out the video below!   



Resources mentioned during the interview:  

Natalie shared her favorite Agile resources during the interview so as promised, we’ve provided some quick links to those books below: 

Looking for easy ways to get started? Check out these articles and short video demos: 


Want to learn more from Natalie and the team about Workfront and Agile? Check out the event recordings that we mentioned, linked below: 


Lastly, don’t miss out on the new Agile features in the upcoming release! 



Stay tuned for more Workfront Agile events coming soon!



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Natalie Mitchell is a Group Product Manager with Adobe Workfront. She's been at Adobe for the last year and a half and has been working in product management, using Agile, for the last 13 years. When she's not obsessing over the next iteration of everything, you can find her camping, reading, or making and selling journals, sketchbooks, and other art. 




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@CynthiaBoon   We are just starting to use Boards, with someone new to our company. She used a different product in her previous job and she is very committed to agile. Unfortunately, she is very frustrated with Boards so far as she has encountered many issues and errors. I’ve been opening cases with Workfront support, but I’m wondering how to get more information about when this product will be more stable.


My user wants to use the product she is familiar with – but I don’t want to introduce a different product. Please give me hope that if she hangs on for a while Boards functionality will be more stable. Are there users out there that are successfully using Boards? If so, I’d love to get in contact with them and pick their brain.



Hey Cathy!


I'm sorry to hear about your user's frustration with Boards. I'm assuming that she talks about her commitment to Agile, she is more interested in Kanban than in Scrum, right? If you're okay with it, I'll DM you for one of the Support Tickets, so I can look them up.  That way I can send it over to Natalie and Patrick for visibility.  

In regards to a Boards roadmap (that can be shared), I'll check with them on that as well.  

On the Boards releases, I would highly recommend the Opt-In for Boards early release, first because you'll get any new features that they push to Production before the actual releases (and that includes the Fast Release).  Second though, you can provide direct feedback on the Boards pages which goes to Product.  (Still open your Support tickets, but doing both can be helpful.)
For anything new in Boards, I typically refer to the Release Overview pages versus the other link you shared.  It feels like it's updated more often, and many times the next release features are posted as soon as the current release is complete.  I also check the Known Issues a lot if I feel like something is off, so I've included both links here:
Product Releases 

Known Issues

Last note on introducing new products, and these are just my thoughts as a former customer.  It might seem easier to our users to have a separate system, but they aren't always aware of how messy communication can be in multiple systems. (And the fact that some users would then be required to access multiple systems just to know what is going on with projects.) And then who knows which system has the "real" status.

With Workfront Boards, it is a new feature - barely a year, but every release includes more and more functionality. I've been a "Workfronter" since 2015, and the investment in Boards has been amazing. 

If there is a customer that is fully using Boards (versus the legacy Kanban or Agile features), I'll let you know! 



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@CynthiaBoon Yes, please DM me and I'll be happy to share our support cases. Thank you!