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Use Calculated Fields to Display Program Information on Project


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I am trying to display program information on a project form with a calculated field, and I cannot get it to work, I have tried a few ways. Example below. The field is on the program custom form called "Additional Regions". 


{project}.{program}.{DE:Additional Regions}

Project.Program.{DE:Additional Regions}


Both are saying it's an invalid expression. I am 90% certain I used to be able to just type "Project.Program.{DE:xxxxx}"

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Try this:

{programMM|program}.{DE:Additional Regions}

I would have expected this to work also, but the above is how Workfront updated our project calc fields that reference the project's program.
{program}.{DE:Additional Regions}

You don't need or want to prefix your calculation with {project}. That would only be needed on something like a task or issue calc, when you need to pull a field from the project level. 

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you need the MM formula now. It is as of this latest release as Workfront is updating the object model


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Did you try just

{programMM}.{DE:Additional Deliverables}