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Oct 4 Ask the Expert - Workfront Fusion


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Thank you to those who attended and participated in the October 4 event, Ask the Experts - Workfront Fusion hosted by Adobe Workfront Customer Success and Product Management. As promised, here is a Community discussion to continue the conversation. I encourage you all to ask your questions here as well as share tips for newbies getting started and additional quick wins to leveraging Workfront Fusion. 

I've included a copy of the slide deck, a link to the on-demand recording, and answers to popular questions in the chat (also included in the follow-up email for those who attended). 

On-demand recording

Slide Deck PDF

Popular questions from the chat: 

  • Fusion training and overview - familiarize yourself with Fusion core concepts 
  • Workfront Fusion apps and their modules (Including Salesforce, Jira, Adobe Campaign Classic and more)  
  • My IT team has questions around security and connecting Workfront Fusion to other apps. How do I get those addressed? Customers can request a security review. Simply get in touch with your Account Executive to get the process started. 
  • Customer examples / quick wins: Workfront to Workfront  
    • When a proof is approved, the associated task is marked complete  
    • When a milestone task is completed, the project status changes to the next status in the process 
    • When a task is marked complete, fill out the “now” date and time to a custom field 
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Hi Nichole, 

This link above brings me to a recording for Ask The Experts: System Maintenance Webinar 



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Kate - thanks for catching that, the link has been updated to reflect the correct Workfront Fusion recording!