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If you were unable to attend or did not get a chance to register in time, below are a few highlights from yesterday's Workfront Wednesday: Ask the Expert webinar, Expanding and Scaling Your Workfront Instance, hosted by Chris Berry, Workfront Sr. Enterprise Solution Architect.


The Do's

Consider Governance practices

Exercise a restricted administrative model

Exercise change control

Leverage Enterprise Controls for Growth

Practice a bottom-up access strategy

... additional tips can be found in the on-demand webinar!

The Don'ts

Have excessive sysadmins

Grant permissions on access levels for sharing objects “System-Wide”

Publish Request Queues as “Everyone” or “Public”

Share custom forms and custom fields “System-Wide”


Click here to watch the webinar on-demand (found via Resources > Videos > Ask the Expert) or to download the slide deck.


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This was super timely for us. With the 20.3 release of more sub-groups per group, we're looking to re-organize some of our groups. Plus we have a couple other teams that are interesting in joining our instance. Even though they really have nothing to do with our group, we're excited to slowly take over the world this way! LOL

I do have a couple questions

  • Can existing groups be converted to a sub-group of another group. That seems like it would save a ton of time in our re-organization
  • Is there any way for group-admins to do Kick-Starts? In looking to reduce our overall number of admins and create more group admins we have one that could absolutely be a group admin, but needs to be able to upload Kick-Starts from a template I created.



Heather, it's great that you're going to utilize the extended group hierarchy to re-organize your groups!

Currently you can move existing groups and make them subgroups by editing the destination group and typing the subgroup name in the members field. We're aware that this is not an intuitive experience and are planning to improve this process soon.

Thank you!



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Thank you @Lilit Mkrtchyan‚ that will save me so much time! I was afraid I was going to have to re-create these groups as sub-groups and re-share all the reports and things that had been shared with them.

One quesion though... I see when I go to move a group under another group, I get a message that says "If you add 'this group' as a sub-group it will lost its primary settings" -- what are those primary settings that will be lost. I have a couple groups that have custom statuses specific to that group. Will those custom statuses be lost if these groups become a sub-group under another group?

Also a bit of feedback... I've been using the New Experience for quite awhile, but had to switch back to Classic to move a group into another group. When I tried in the New Experience, nothing came up when I started typing the group name of the group I wanted to move.

Also, the main group list is much easier to look at in Classic, any groups that have sub-groups are bolded, making them easier to pick out of the list.



Hi, Heather,

Currently there are certain capabilities that are available only on top level groups, such as assigning Group Administrators, marking a group as public, configuring statuses and project preferences. When you convert a group to a subgroup, its Group Administrators and statuses are transferred to the parent and thus continue to apply to the subgroup too. As for the project preferences and public group setting, those are lost and the subgroup starts to inherit them from the parent group. So to answer you question, no, your statuses will not be lost, they'll be added to the statuses list of the new parent group and you can continue using them.

Please note that in our efforts to enhance the group management capabilities, we're soon going to add Group Administrators, statuses and project preferences on subgroups too. In fact, assigning a Group Administrator on subgroups is already available in Preview, so you can check it out.

As for not being able to find the group in New Workfront Experience, we haven't received any such reports from customers. Can you please submit a ticket to our support team so we can troubleshoot and fix it? Also we're planning to update the list of Groups in New Workfront Experience to make it easier to identify and work with groups.

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any further questions or feedback around group management.



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Oh, this is perfect! Thank you Lilit!

Not losing those custom statuses makes my day.

Not sure what I was looking at last week, but I do now see that I can do what I need to do in the New Experience.


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We've been assimilating teams at the bank with this approach for years. Resistance is futile because people can't help but love Workfront once they see it in action.