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New License Type 'Light' vs. Legacy License Type 'Worker'


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I recently came across documentation that listed the new 'license types' (had no idea!).


I'm trying to understand what the main difference is between 'light' and 'worker' license level. 


Do you have the new license type? Would you be so kind to send me a message?


(Yes, yes, I know I can get more info from our AE but we haven't heard from her/him/them in.....I dont even know what their name is honestly!)



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Very interesting discovery, Christina. Our customer support team, that we engage with regularly, has not yet shared this information with us either. After reading through the documentation, it appears as though Adobe may be getting ready to start charging for the former “Reviewer” and “Requester” license types under the new “Contributor” license type. It seems the documentation started being updated around 4/17/23. It will be interesting to see how this all develops.

Wow.....that's kind of crazy. I didn't even realize that it was changed, either!


Looks like it also changed the pricing plans:

Workfront - Product Pricing & Plans | Adobe for Business


Considering the license difference is 3x more....it's got a huge impact on our next year budget if this is the case. 


Create or modify custom access levels | Adobe Workfront


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@CynthiaBoon have a gander at this thread. I'm not seeing anything about this in 23.3 release or anywhere else aside from these 2 documentation articles below. In our instance setup - prod and preview - there is nothing showing about the new license types. Do you have more info on this and timing (or if this applies to only NEW customers and existing customers would keep existing license types??)?


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There is another thread on the "new licensing"

And someone has shared a document that clarifies the major important changes.
I just re-attach it here as-is (note: the document is dated 2022 but in the thread they say the roll-out for new and renewal has started recently, maybe there is a more recent version).

I can confirm that some important limitations on the Light and Contributor compared to the legacy Work are effective in our instance.