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Limit tagging of users in Proof


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Hello, I'm hoping there are some experts out there that can help with this question!


In our instance of WF Proof, we have some "generic" workflows created with stages. Our project managers, use and customize these workflows as needed, tagging in the appropriate users for the given project.


However, we seem to run into issues with users tagging in other users and then the proofs never get completed. In your experience, what is the best way to combat this?


We explored turning off the "Add People to Stages" option, but that seems to remove all ability for the PMs to customize the workflow.

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For those users that are tagged in - is the reason that the proofs never get completed because they are coming in as Reviewers & Approvers? You can set "non-recipients that open a proof" to default as Reviewers only. 

I believe "non-recipients that open a proof" is anyone who opens a proof that is not already on a stage of the workflow, which would be those users who are tagged in a proof comment.


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They are being tagged in as reviewers and approvers. As in, they are being specifically assigned as reviewers and approvers by the person tagging them in.


We want to limit the capability of the folks that are tagging in the others while still allowing our project managers to customize the generic workflow when they release the proof.