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Filter for documents within a program


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Hi! I'm trying to create document report on program level, and I want it to only show documents within that program (preferably those with a proof). The program can have multiple projects.


Any advice?

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I think probably best to try a document version report for this one. I see program ID is already one of the filters so I would experiment with using that and seeing if it nets you everything you need.


If you do employ use of versions, I'd additionally filter for the document's current version.


If you only want those with a proof, I guess I would try and add a filter that is proof related. e.g. Proof Creator ID not blank.


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Hi Skye, thanks for your reply!


I did setup a Document Version report, and filtered for:

  • Document Version >> Is Current Version = TRUE
  • Document Version >> Proof Creator ID = Is Not Blank
  • Document >> Program ID = ??

I don't know what to set the program ID filter to. It's dynamic, so I guess I'm looking for something like $$PROGRAMID, but that does not exist.


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You could add a prompt to the report that asks for the program. Then the Program could be selected and the report run just for the selected Program. Second option would to runt he report without the program filter and then add the program as a GROUPING in the report instead. 


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Thanks Holly! Good ideas!


I'm dealing with a lot of users with minimal technical understanding, so I'd want to make it as simple as possible.


Is it not possible to create a textmode filter using EXISTS with the current object's ID as the filter?