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Course Discussion: Request queues for users


Level 4

Use this thread to ask any questions related to the Request queues for users  course in Experience League. Experts are monitoring this thread to ensure your questions are answered.

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Level 7

Hey Chuck,


I just assigned this course to a few users, and one of them reported that the third module is a broken link and returns a 404 error.


This is where it's trying to go: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront-learn/tutorials-workfront/manage-work/issues-reque...


Can that get updated? Hoping to assign this one out to more people soon.





Level 1

I also noticed the 404. In case your users need the information it's just a small module (took this from google cache)

Manage requests

If you’re responsible for reviewing or managing incoming requests, where you find requests can vary, so talk with your internal Workfront team to find out how you’ll be managing request intake. Some places in Workfront where you can find requests include:

  • Dashboards: Many Workfront customers write custom reports that display incoming requests, track requests that have been converted to projects, and more. These individual reports are assembled into a dashboard, so everything can be viewed easily and quickly. Workfront recommends this method of request management, as it can be customized to your organization’s needs.
  • Home: Requests are labeled as an issue, as that is how the back-end of Workfront handles a request made through a request queue.
  • Requests area: The All filter shows every request submitted that you have access to. This isn’t an ideal place to manage incoming requests because new requests and requests in progress are shown together.
  • Teams page: When requests are routed to a team, they appear on the Teams page in the Team Requests section. From there, team members can self-assign work or a team lead can assign work.


Level 4

@estelito and @KatherineLa, I apologize for my mistake. I updated "Find requests" with a video that includes both finding and managing requests, so "Manage requests" is no longer needed. But I should have left it where it was with a note and a link to the new "Find and manager requests" video. I have now done that, so the 404 should be gone now. Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope you like the new video!