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Apr 23 User Group - Follow-up



Hi group! After the Webex last week, I had a list of things I promised to follow-up on. Took me a few days, but I think I have answers to all the outstanding questions! @Heather Kulbacki‚ , let me know if you think I'm missing anything.

Also tagging @Allison Lippert‚ from our Customer Enablement team who helped me with most of this!


Does Workfront have PDF copies of the training material? This used to be available, do they still exist anywhere?

They do! Training guides now have their own page on Workfront One. Within Workfront One, navigate to Resources > Training > Guides you will find them. Materials are divided up by New Workfront Experience (NWE), Classic, General, Ascent, Proofing, Integrations, and Training Info.

Does Workfront have a Training Checklist to help customers with what sorts of things they should include in their custom training? (How to log in, how to adjust your settings, etc.)

Everyone agrees this would make a great blog post! Thank you all for the suggestion. The biggest feedback I heard when socializing this internally is to make sure that any training materials you create focus on the users' workflow/process - what do people need to know to get their work done.

We do have two enablement kits on the topic of creating your own training. Both of these were designed with the transition from Classic to New Workfront Experience mind, but the principles hold true for anyone creating training.

We also recommend customers look through the Guides page and “borrow” whatever information you need to create your own custom guides (or you can just use the guide as-is!)

One of our newest offerings are a set of "Getting Started" PPT decks. These were designed to be used by customers to help them create their own training. The decks include basic instructions and generic images, then the customer can add their own information.

Share the customer example of the business card size cheat sheet for users, and the thread w/ Home Depot’s newsletter example.

I’m still trying to find that “business card” example, but here is the great example from Home Depot on the Workfront newsletter they created to share updates, tips and changes with users internally. If anyone in this group does something similar, I'd love to see it!

Does detailed documentation of Proof exist anywhere?

Yes! Proof documentation can also be found on the Guides page. We have 3 booklets available: Review Proofs, Upload proofs in Workfront, and Set up users for proofing. The first two booklets are around 20 pages each, so they're pretty comprehensive.

Additional Proof Materials:

It's a bit hard to see at first glance because of the way the site is set up, but there's a lot of sub-content that is linked to from each of those landing pages.

Are there any training document / materials on agile? Maybe a webinar?

We don't have any recent documentation on Agile, as it's still a work in progress in NWE. I've attached a handout we provided at Leap in 2018 that just goes over some of the basics of Agile in Workfront. The Customer Enablement team doesn't currently have anything with use cases, etc, but agree it would make a great webinar. Stay tuned!

I think that's it for now. Thanks for having me join the meetup. I hope to attend again and might bring some friends next time. ;)


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