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Your Workfront New Year's resolutions.




The end of the year is quickly approaching, which means it’s about time to write down the same New Year's resolutions we use every year—eat healthier, exercise more, and save money. 

Although personal goals may remain the same, the way work gets done is constantly changing. According to the Workfront State of Work 2020, people and teams are under constant pressure to work faster and more efficiently. Workfront is designed to help you and your team master modern work, so consider the following ideas to elevate your team’s work productivity within the tool.

1) Designate a Workfront champion. 

This person is your go-to for all things Workfront. For most system administrators, the role of Workfront champion is automatically assumed, simply based on access level. However, every organization has someone who’s an early adopter, someone who knows every keyboard shortcut, or someone who can navigate the system without even looking.

This is the ideal user to champion the adoption of Workfront, as well as share strengths or best practices on how to use the tool to solve problems. 

2) Create a training toolkit for end-users.

End-user adoption is one of the biggest challenges with any software, Workfront included. Once you have designated a Workfront champion, the next step is to make sure end-users are up to speed. To help boost adoption rates and increase the numbers of logins per week, Workfront created a DIY Training Toolkit that provides you with step-by-step instructions and custom training outlines for Planners, Workers, and Collaborators. Simply select the applicable role and download the toolkit. 

3) Celebrate small victories.

When you make a small mistake, you feel bad about it. However, when you accomplish a small goal, you rarely feel good about it. Funny how that works.

Regardless of what role you have within Workfront, keep track of your colleagues’ or team’s small wins or accomplishments and celebrate them. Work shouldn’t just be a job—it should be fun. Every celebration is an indication of forward progress toward the team or company goal, provides a sense of achievement, and keeps people motivated to do their best work.

In the Workfront e-book, Make Your Work Matter, Jada Balster, Workfront Vice President of Marketing, EMEA, states,

“Taking a moment to recognize small accomplishments is a great way to build momentum for your transition. Stop and celebrate, even if all you do is publicly acknowledge the contributions of each individual or team and order in pizza. You may have only completed 5% of the project, but that 5% was done brilliantly. It’s worth celebrating.”

To share your Workfront New Year’s resolutions, please post the details in the comments section below. If you find this post helpful, make sure to “Like” it!