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Setting up your Email Digest and Subscribing to Content on the Experience League Community




This blog is part of a Community Walkthrough series for old Workfront One Community members. Please see the directory below to navigate to other topics in this walkthrough guide:

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Setting up your Email Digest and Subscribing to Content on the Experience League Community
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Because the setup of the community will be slightly different (moving from multiple groups to one group with sub-groups within it), your digest subscriptions will not be the same on Experience League. Please note that you need to be subscribed to at least one board in order to receive the email digest. 


Please follow the steps below to set up your subscriptions in Experience League.


  1. Navigate to the Experience League Homepage
  2. If you are not logged in, log into the Community by clicking on the “Sign In” button at the top of the page. Please view our guide above on how to login to the Community using your corporate email address for further details on how to sign in.
  3. Once you are logged in, hover to your avatar on the top right of the screen and a dropdown menu will pop up. Select the second option “Account Settings."



  1. You’ll be taken to a settings page with several options. Select the “Following & Notifications” tab.




  1. Then, select the “Email Format” sub-tab. Here, uncheck “Email Format – Remove HTML from posts”. Click save.



  1. Navigate to the “Notification Settings” sub-tab under “Following & Notifications" and scroll down to the "Email Notifications" settings on the same page.

    Review the type of email notifications available and change the dropdown menu option from "Use Default (Immediately)" to "In a Daily digest" for the notifications you'd like to receive in your daily email digest - you can opt for weekly digests as well.

    Please note that if you select "Use Default (Immediately)" for some of these notifications but Daily or Weekly digests for others, you will receive those notifications as individual emails, and then again in your Daily/Weekly digests. Click save after you have selected your preferred options.

  2. Once these two settings have been changed, you’ll be all set to receive email digests in the same nature you did on the old Workfront One Community.

    If you do not follow these steps, you may experience reformatting issues and posts that you’ve previously seen will not appear in your digest.


Subscribing to Community Boards

  1. Now that you have your email digests setup, it's time to subscribe to Community content that you find most relevant to you.
  2. Navigate to any Community page and look for the "Subscribe button." This should be located at the top right of any Community page. 

  3. If you're interested in receiving email notifications on the Community page you are on, or wish to modify your subscriptions - click the "Subscribe" button.
  4. This will activate a pop up which will show your active subscription. By default, you will be subscribed to all boards and discussion types associated with the Community category you're subscribed to. You can modify this by selecting the "Partial" subscription option. Then, check or uncheck the board options available to you. Once you're done, be sure to click "Save" to complete your selection.


    Please note that sub-community's like Workfront Fusion 2.0 or Workfront Scenario Planner each have their own content types (discussions, questions, blogs, etc.) that you can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to by clicking on their respective entries in the dropdown menu. 

    Example: If you are only interested in receiving updates from Workfront Community questions, discussions, blogs and the Workfront Fusion 2.0 sub-community, please leave those options checked and uncheck everything else. Once you click "Save," you will only receive updates from those content types and sub-community(s) moving forward. 


  5. Now that you have your preferences saved, you will start receiving email digests only for those content types and sub-communities.


Subscribing to Individual Posts and Viewing Your Subscriptions

  1. Sometimes you may come across an article or comment that you want to save for later. Subscribing to a thread or comment not only saves the item in your private subscriptions, you will also be notified via email (if you have enabled Community digest using the instructions above) in the cadence you requested.
  2. To subscribe to a thread or comment, navigate to the particular post and click on the vertical "..." dropdown menu to access available settings. Click on the option "Follow" or "Subscribe." Once clicked, the page should refresh and you will see a green prompt bar indicating that you've successfully subscribed to the item. 

  3. To access your subscriptions, navigate to your account settings by hovering over your Community avatar located on the top right of any Community page and selecting "Account Settings."
  4. Once you are on your Account Settings page, click on the "Following & Notifications" tab.

  5. Confirm that you are on the "Following" sub-tab of the "Following & Notifications" tab. This is your private subscriptions page. Any discussion, question, blog, idea, or comment will be saved here. The value next to the chat icon indicates how many new responses have accumulated since you last visited that particular thread. If you have email notifications turned on, you will also receive an email update with any new replies according to the cadence you saved in your preferences. To remove a subscription, simply check the box associated with it, expand the on the "Email Follow Options" dropdown menu, and select "Delete Selected Follows." Within this dropdown menu, you can also check or uncheck all items in your subscriptions page to empty your subscriptions page. 




If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below!