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New Blog Post! Use Text Mode to Create a Detailed User View




Did You Know? Use Text Mode to Create a Detailed User View

Have you ever needed to see the other groups, teams, or job roles that all users in your environment are assigned to? Rather than manually clicking into each person's profile, create a detailed user view that pulls this information into a single view. 

NOTE: This blog is part of the "Basic Text Mode" series. It is not intended to teach you about text mode reporting beyond what you need to know to produce this view. Links are provided at the end of the article if you're interested in learning more about text mode. 

As a system or group administrator, you might look at the list of all users, found under the People tab, and ask yourself, what job roles are assigned to each of these users? You can't see this in a standard user view, so you would need to edit each user's personal information to find out. By using text mode, you can see all job roles, teams, groups, and direct reports in columns in your view or list report. 

Your final view would look like this:

To learn how to create this view, follow step-by-step instructions in the full blog post, located under Blogs, or by clicking here. Add comments, ask questions, or share additional use cases to the comments section as well! 


Kara Trapp

Manager, Modern Work Enablement - Customer Programs



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