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Elevate Key Information to Speed Up Execution




To highlight and share key data across the organization, from team members to executives, we encourage you to take advantage of three key report features — conditional formatting, running reports with the access rights of another user and automatic report deliveries. As you continue to build on your reporting knowledge, these will be a great addition to your skillset. Let’s start with conditional formatting.  

Conditional Formatting


Charts are not the only way to tell a story or surface important data. Conditional formatting can be applied to single cells or entire rows so that when column rules are met, specific information pops out. Formatting options include text color, text format, text alignment, background color, icons and custom text. To learn how to add column rules to your reports, read through the article, Use Conditional Formatting in Views.

Run a Report with the Access Rights of Another User

By default, users can only see objects in a report that they have permissions to View. As you, the system administrator, will have access to all objects, you can enter your name - or the name of a user with the appropriate access to view the data - into the field, Run this Report with the Access Rights of, found via Report Settings. That way, anyone who the report has been shared with, can see the exact same results that you see. This is a great way to share financials with executives or decision-makers who don’t have access to this information based on their permissions in Workfront.

Automatic Report Deliveries

You can schedule reports to be automatically delivered to users on a repeating schedule, or you can send reports on a one-time basis, manually. Include a personalized message to the recipient(s) and select from a variety of formats that the report can be delivered in.

Be on the lookout for blogs in the next few weeks on how to add reports to dashboards along with how to pin dashboards to your navigation bar for quick access!