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Achieve Success & Share Your Story




Why share your expertise? 

  • You are not alone  
    • Customers often share that they feel siloed. There is value in connecting with other administrators to help, learn from, and elevate each other to accomplish goals faster. 
    • Everyone wants to be part of a family - or a community - of individuals who they can trust, depend on, and lean on for guidance.
    • Others need your story - share it to teach and impact those who are just starting their enterprise work management journey within their organization. We are stronger and better together!

  • You are doing big things 
    • You are doing amazing work every day in your organization. This is an opportunity to highlight your story to show others the impact that you’re making, to paint a picture of what is possible, and to help guide others on their journey. 
    • As you transform work management within your organization, you’ll achieve positive, measurable results, move toward fulfilling your success story, and creating true competitive advantage within your industry. This is doing #workboldly.
    • Throughout your career, you have developed expertise that will help someone else - even if it is what not to do. By sharing what you’ve learned and the expertise you’ve gained, you can help accelerate someone’s path to success.

  • Your opportunities are endless 
    • The role of a Workfront Systems Administrator involves much more than the technical support of an application. In fact, you’re now the leader in managing how work gets done. You have been empowered and trusted to enable organizational performance and operational excellence — to bring order to the chaos.
    • Being chosen as a Workfront System Administrator shows that your leadership believes that you are a leader and that you have the skills to get complex work done and understand processes across the organization. Don’t underestimate the career advantages of being a Workfront System Administrator.

How to create a powerful story 

  • Review Workfront’s State of Work report to understand work today and what companies need to tackle to be resilient. 
  • Take a few moments to learn about stories from people just like you, what they’ve accomplished, and how they got there. Review the 2020 Leap Lion Awards, attend a User Group or webinar to learn about the successes of other customers just like you, watch on-demand sessions from Leap 2020 or read any of the stories on our customer page. While we have some tenured customers doing big things at their organizations, remember that it has taken time for them to get where they are. Your story is unique and worth sharing. Learn from others a few steps ahead and share with those a few steps behind you. Everyone benefits that way!
  • Understand the problems that you are trying to solve, as well as your end-goal. 
  • Define what story you want to tell a year from now. What accomplishments do you want to share with your organization, Workfront, or the market? Now, reverse engineer that to chart a plan defining how you will achieve that.
  • Determine the quantifiable metrics that will be used to measure success. Use Work Performance Indicators (WPIs) as a benchmark. Start measuring the changes and tracking the data, so that - when the time comes - you are ready to tell the story of what you accomplished, how you did it, and what doors that opened for you and your organization. 
  • Create a change management and communication plan to execute your plan and drive adoption. 

Customer Stories

System Administrator Stories

How to get recognized 

  • Share your story with your Workfront Account Executive.
  • Contribute your expertise on Workfront One. Participate in the Workfront One community and begin sharing your story in small bites. You'll quickly realize that you're not alone AND you know a lot more than you think you do. With a ton of learning along the way.
  • Contact us at Grp-WorkfrontUserGroups@adobe.com to learn more about presenting at an upcoming event.
  • If you are interested in more formally publishing your success story, please reach out to Kyna Baker at kynab@adobe.com
  • Apply for a Lion Award
  • Apply to present at our annual conferences

Reach out to your Account Executive with questions or for more information.