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Join us for the next Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Break!   ☕ Wednesday, June 7th from 8am -9am PT ☕ We'll be joined by Adobe Target experts: Bill Ozinga (@wozinga), John Mosbaugh (@jmosbau), Justin Patrick (@JSPatrick), and Eric Thibeault (@eric-thibeault), and extra support from Francisco Fraga (frager1). In this AMA (Ask Me Anything)- like event, the experts will be logged in and ready to answer any of your questions related to the Target Recommendations feature. Adobe Target Recommendations activities automatically display products, services, or content that might interest your visitors based on previous user activity, preferences, or other criteria. Target Recommendations helps direct visitors to relevant items they might otherwise not know about. Recommendations lets you provide your visitors with relevant content at the right time and in the right place. Learn more about Adobe Target Recommendations here. Participating is easy: Add your Questions below by Replying to this thread:  Begin your Question with our hosts' Community Usernames: @wozinga, @jmosbau, @JSPatrick, @eric-thibeault, and frager1 Stand-by to watch the page as the experts weigh in during the hour, so that you can: Clarify your questions Ask follow up Qs and provide additional details See Questions posted by other Community members to up-vote those that you find interesting Discuss further with your Target Community member peers 🙂  Meet the experts:       Justin Patrick (@JSPatrick), Adobe Senior Business Consultant: Justin Patrick is a Senior Business Consultant with over 11 years experience in Target optimization and personalization strategies. He is a subject matter expert for Adobe Recommendations solution having supported dozens of implementations and custom deployments for his clients.       Bill Ozinga (@wozinga), Adobe Senior Technical Account Manager: Bill Ozinga is a Senior Target Field Engineer with over 11 years experience in Target optimization and personalization strategies. As a previous client in the automotive field, he received two Webby Award nominations, beta tested Recommendations Classic, and was on the Customer Advisory Board.       John Mosbaugh (@jmosbau), Adobe Principal Customer Success Architect: John Mosbaugh is a Principal Technical Consultant for the Adobe Experience Cloud with more than fifteen years experience working with Adobe Target and Recommendations. He has helped a wide range of clients in the retail, entertainment, and healthcare verticals implement and integrate Target in ways that maximize ROI. John is currently on the Information Architecture team assisting clients with DX solution integrations.       Eric Thibeault (@eric-thibeault), Adobe Senior Technical Account Manager: Eric is a versatile technical leader combining a breadth of expertise with a deep understanding of business needs to generate leading-edge solutions supporting the corporate mission, while maximizing operational efficiency across organizations. With 15 years experience as a full stack web developer in e-commerce websites for Retail, Financial and Mass Media, and 7 years leading the optimization and personalization practice for a major national bank in Canada, Eric brings a wealth of contextual knowledge. He is also an excellent bilingual communicator (English/French) navigating between stakeholders of all functions to promote strategies, foster collaboration, and present complex concepts in an accessible language.   💡 Something already coming to mind?💡 Add your Adobe Target Recommendations-related questions below any time before or during the Coffee Break on Wednesday, June 7th, when you can watch the page and be ready to add follow-up questions and discuss further with other community members!
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