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Need to get attribute in profile


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Hi Team,


There is a new attribute that we wanted to add for all profiles, so we created a new dataset and ran a query to add new attribute for all the profiles of historical dataset. I have enabled the new dataset for profile.

I'm able to see (THIRD_NR) new attribute in identity stitching but not showing under the attributes tab of profile. In segmentation also, profiles are not getting considered under THIRD_NR attribute exist.


PFA screenshots for reference.

Could somebody please help.

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@ShivaniM Could be a number of things so a bit tricky to provide any meaningful suggestion from this post. If the dataset is enabled for Profile, then we need to trace the data to understand why this never went to UPS. Are you able to see the batch ID used for that ingestion at Dataset level? If so does the Batch overview give you any error?


If this does not help, please raise a Support ticket with the Support team and we'll look into this for you directly from that sandbox.



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@ShivaniM  - Usually it should work, we ourselves are doing it and its working flawlessly. Can you give information about it?





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Hi @ShivaniM 

The two screenshots have different names for the attribute ? One does not have an underscore and is called Thirdnumber and in the other you are searching for third_nr ?


Just my two cents cause stitching is happening as per the screenshot.





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Hey @ShivaniM 


Did the above work for you?

Let us know if you have further queries on this one.